Finding Escort Service in China

Escorting service can be found in China, particularly major cities like Shanghai and Beijing. You have two options: hire an independent girl through a Chinese escort agency or search for local girls on your own. No matter which option you select, here are some things to know about the Chinese escort industry so that your experience is safe and enjoyable.

Before booking any escort services, be sure to visit the agency’s website first. This will give you insight into what types of escorts are available and how to avoid scams. Furthermore, read through reviews and ratings from past customers to ensure these escorts are legitimate and provide quality service.

The internet has made it easier for people to connect with escorts around the world. China, in particular, boasts an abundance of independent escorts who work online and provide high quality escort service for their clients. You can find these escorts on sites like – which is currently the largest escort search engine worldwide.

When searching for an escort, always read their VERIFIED listing badge on her profile – this is a safe way to confirm they are genuine and haven’t been suspended or blacklisted for any reason. Furthermore, never send money upfront using payment methods until after meeting with the escort in person.

Another popular way to find escorts is by visiting a karaoke bar or club. At these establishments, you can rent out a private room for several hours and engage in sexual activities with a sexworker.

Shenzhen boasts many karaoke parlors that offer the sexual services of prostitutes. Some even feature separate rooms for sex upstairs, so you can just go and have some fun!

Shenzhen boasts one of China’s largest sex industries. There are an estimated 1 million full-time prostitutes here and an additional 8-10 million who take small fees or gifts in exchange for services.

Finding love in China can be both convenient and inexpensive, but it’s essential to be aware of some potential hazards. One major risk is becoming addicted to street hookers – the lowest form of sexworkers. These women may not be trustworthy and should be avoided at all costs.

Massage parlors are another popular choice for Chinese couples looking for some fun. Unfortunately, they typically don’t provide intercourse services; however, some do provide handjobs or other non-intercourse activities at an additional cost of 100 to 200 yuan.

Nightclubs are another great option for getting laid in China. In major cities like Shanghai, you’ll find numerous nightclubs offering various sexual services spread out throughout the city.

In China, you may find sexworkers at certain hotels and spas; however, the service is typically subpar due to underage workers or unclean facilities.