How to Avoid an Escort Service Scam

If you’re new to the world of escorts, it’s essential that you learn how to avoid an escort service scam. This issue is common and can leave you feeling anxious and frustrated; ultimately destroying any experience planned for yourself.

1. Verify a legitimate escort by checking their social media and website.

If your escort’s profile is up-to-date, they typically feature a picture of themselves on their page – and some websites even verify this fact. Viewing more candid shots will give you a better idea of how she looks and what kind of person she is.

2. Make sure to meet your escort in person before booking their services

I always suggest this step, as it’s rare that an escort will scam you out of money without first meeting you face-to-face. If you feel like she is acting fraudulently or have any doubts, then it would be best to walk away and find another escort.

3. Have an honest conversation about what you need and if she is willing to provide it.

Many clients are anxious when booking a session with a sexual worker, so they often don’t fully express what they need from them. It’s always wise to pay for either an initial social booking or phone conversation before committing to a longer encounter, so you can ensure your escort is on board and provides what you require.

4. Do your due diligence before booking

You’d be amazed at how much more information about an escort you can learn by doing some research yourself. Whether it’s using social media, forums or asking friends who have used them in the past, doing a bit of homework on them gives you much greater insight into their quality and service offerings.

5. Check Their Photos

When speaking with an escort, it is wise to request some selfies – particularly if they seem shy about showing off their assets. Doing this also gives you a different angle on which to view them from, which may be harder on the phone.

6. Remember, scammers often alter their photos over time, so if you feel uneasy with what’s being sent you or if they seem unwilling to answer your queries, then it might be best to move on.

7. Examine their duration in business

If you’re uncertain about an escort service, look at their social media and website for reviews from previous customers. If there are many, that indicates they may be legitimate and have built up a reputable reputation over time.

8. Utilize a verified platform to avoid fraud

It is often the case for scammers to create fake accounts on popular adult sites such as Vivastreet or Adult, by copying existing escort’s photos. Therefore, selecting an established platform that verifies the identity of their ads is key in avoiding such incidents.